Common Mistakes and the High Handicapper #5

Chipping from the Green Side Fringe

There are many different greenside shot types that depending on the lie, the Pin and Flagdistances to the hole, the height of the fringe, etcetera. Finding the proper club is the key to avoiding costly mistakes like blading the ball past the hole or landing short with no roll.

Think, “Keep it low”

When choosing a club to use from the greenside fringes do not make the mistake the golf ball guy Bag 2of trying a high lofted wedge. Rather, think about keeping the ball as low as possible. Start with the least lofted club in the bag the putter. Any time you can keep the ball on the ground, you have better control and much less chance of hitting a bad shot off of the back of the green. Jack Nicklaus has always used his putter from greenside when possible and Martin Kaymer used his putter from off of the green in his 2014 U.S. Open win at Pinehurst.

When the Fringe is High

Many golf courses keep the fringe high around the greens requiring the shot to go over rather than through the grass. The bump and run shot will get you over the obstacle and roll toward the hole with a minimum of air time. Club selection is critical so keep the loft low, try a 7 or 8 iron for the safest shot.

Like it’s a Putter

When hitting the bump and run grip the club, address the ball as if you are Like a Putterputting and keep the stroke compact. The ball will “bump” over the fringe and “run” to the hole. Learn this easy shot and you will never blade the ball past the hole again.

Before Each Round

At the practice green before your round of golf , hit a few of these different shots and you save strokes each and every time.


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