Review: GigaGolf & The TRX PowerMax Slot Hybrid 4

GigaGolf’s Online Ordering

When you go to GigaGolf’s home page and you don’t tons of flash, you see what you came for the golf clubs. Their web site is well laid out and easy to navigate and the PHONE NUMBER is at the top of each page, that gets extra points right away in my book.
As I am looking for a set of hybrid clubs to replace my long irons, I simply clicked on the “HYBRIDS” tab at the top of the page and went to my expected destination. GigaGolf’s selection of eight different hybrid models seemed a little crowded at first, but I did not have any trouble finding a model to fit my game.
The TRX Power Slot is described as having a “slot sole mechanism” and “conform to the USGA’s existing testing methods (but barely).” They say the design will benefit slower swing speeds and “Golfers of all ability levels will gain yards with smoother easier swings.” Because I send it into the trees when I try to bust it, I went with the TRX. The TRX Power Slot hybrid is a modern looking golf club and very cool.

The eFit System

After selecting the club, I simply clicked the “eFit” button and the system walked me right through the fives step process. I have built custom fitted golf clubs for a few friends and myself over the years and do understand the benefits of custom fitting. GigaGolf says, about their eFit, “The GigaGolf eFit System is a quick and easy way to lower your golf scores.” I can say the idea sounds good to me, but how do you fit a player in Texas from a golf shop in Florida? The answer seems to be “eFit.” You are walked through the five step fitting process just as if you were face to face. If you need help, the phone number is on the top each page and they have tons of information to help with fitting. GigaGolf says, “The GigaGolf 30 Day Play Guarantee allows adjustments to your customizations free of charge within the first 30 days after you receive your new clubs.”

The Price

The price plus shipping ($54.50 + $7.95) was just over 1/3 the price ($179.99) of my buddy’s pro line 4h. Shortly after placing the order, I received a conformation email from GigaGolf and subsequent emails keeping me up to date on the progress of my order. The club was shipped when they said it would be and a FedEx tracking number was sent via email. I tracked the orders progress daily and the package arrived when promised packed in a GigaGolf box.

The TRX Power Slot

I, of course, open the right away to assess my first hybrid club. The Sensatec VX GigaGolf custom grip, the base model grip offered, looks nice and gives a firm comfortable grip on the club. The UST HDX 80 Graphite shaft is labeled for GigaGolf and looks well suited for the TRX Power Slot 4h club head. The TRX Power Slot has a “slot” in the sole just behind the face, looks a little like leading edge of a long iron’s sole.

See The TRX Power Shot Here!

At the Driving Range

Friday after work, I took the TRX Power Slot 4h to the driving range to run it through a bucket alongside of my 3 & 4 irons. I asked my buddy if I could borrow his $179.99 pro line 4h to do a side by side with the GigaGolf TRX, he’s a good guy and was happy to help out. Here is a little foreshadowing for you; I will leave my long irons at home from now on.
The TRX, at address, gives a feeling of confidence with its white finish on the crown and deep face. I swung it like a fairway woods and could barely feel the contact with the ball. I keep my swing easy and this club makes up for my slower swing speed. Even with mishits, the ball came off the ground. I hit an equal number of shots with the TRX, my 3 iron, my 4 iron, and the pro line 4h. As I said earlier, my long irons stay home from now on. Comparing the TRX to the pro line, with my swing, I could not justify spending three times the money for the similar results.

On the Golf Course

Early the next day, I took the TRX 4h to play for real, at a nearby course and left my 3&4 irons at home. The 4h replaced my long irons in a number of situations and gave me confidence to make shots I would avoid with an iron. This club is ideal for that long par three the eats your lunch. Off of the tee box, the ball flight was straight and high, I made birdie on my lunch eating par three.
GigaGolf’s web site, ordering, and eFit system are helpful and easy to use. The TRX Power Slot hybrid 4 is priced right and is easy to hit.


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