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“Not a Driver or a Fairway… It’s the Blast DriveWay”

The Blast Driveway is a “Fairway-Driver Hybrid” that has the control of a fairwayKick X Golf Blast Driveway 3 wood and the distance of a driver. The Blast Driveway is from Kick X Golf the same company that makes the Tour-Z golf ball.

According to, the Blast Driveway has dual Compression Cavity Technology (CCT) generating maximum power off the club face for incredible distance and precision control.

IMG_8062Unlike “spring” effect club designs, the Blast Driveway employs two specialized cavities at the crown and sole of the club head that compress the initial energy created at impact.

As the ball launches off of the club face the cavities instantaneously re-release the energy as a “perfectly balanced distribution of power and precision back to the ball” supplying distance and unparalleled control.

  • Compression Cavity Technology (CCT)
  • Lower Center of Gravity
  • Enhanced Sweet Spot
  • Precision Control – More Accurate than a Driver
  • Maximum Distance – Longer than a 3-Wood

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The First Look

The Blast Driveway has a 100% titanium driver like body with a white finish on the crown and the club face is a little deeper than a #3 wood. A Grafalloy shaft painted bright orange with very few markings holds the matching velvet style grip. The headcover is fashioned to resemble a boxing glove that is fun and functional. It is certainly unlike any other club in the bag but I sure, it will find its place.

Kick X Golf Blast Driveway (99)

The Driving Range

The Blast Driveway from a tee produced less distance the driver but it was easier to keep shots straight. From the turf, the Blast Driveway out preformed the driver in distance and control. In compassion to the #3 fairway wood, the Blast Driveway was noticeably longer from the tee and the ground. When the ball is hit on the sweet spot, the club has an particularly loud “clank,” leaving no doubt, when the ball was hit clean.

On the Golf Course

The Blast Driveway from the tee box performed well with the straight ball flight Kick X Golf Blast Driveway (5)making up for the loss of distance. At address, looking down on the club gives a sense confidence with its white crown and the quality components. When played from the fairway and the first cut of rough the Blast Driveway was in its element, long and straight. The club head has no trouble sliding through the grass without digging into the ground. Getting ball up in the air is effortless from the fairway and short rough.

The Bottom Line

There are many golf holes that weekend golfers should never use the driver on,Blast_Driveway_BLK_006 holes with narrow fairways, holes with trouble to the right, and doglegs with deep bunkers. These types of holes are where the Blast Driveway would be helpful. I believe the Kick X Golf Blast Driveway Fairway-Driver Hybrid can replace the driver altogether for many players. With the white crown, orange shaft, and black grip the club is will designed in both form and function. The sound made by on center hits is the only drawback I found when using the Driveway. The Blast Driveway is like a driver you can hit from the fairway and that alone makes it worth trying.


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Kick X Golf Blast Driveway Review