Radda Golf Apparel Launches

Radda Golf Apparel Launches NBCUniversal Partnership

Brand to Be Featured on NBCUniversal Golf Lifestyle E-commerce Marketplace, “Shop with Golf”

NEW YORK, July 31,2019—Radda Golf, co-founded by partners Jason Fields and Ivan Dominguez today announced that the “disruptor” men’s golf apparel brand will begin selling a limited line of products on NBCUniversal’s new content blended e-commerce marketplace beginning in Q3 2019.

“We are excited to be partnering with NBCUniversal in this new venture and to be featured alongside a short-list of leading brands which have signed up with Shop with Golf (the name of the NBCUniversal Golf lifestyle site). The modern lifestyle angle NBCUniversal has created is in-line with our brand ethos and it is an honor to be included on this platform. This is truly a game changer for Radda,” exclaimed Fields.

“The Radda brand stands for something very different and refreshing in the game of golf,” added Dominguez. “We take styles that are relevant off the course and give them golf functionality. This brings true diversity to our apparel. You’ll be just as comfortable on the course as you would at dinner after golf with our apparel.  We don’t look to the golf market for aesthetic reference or inspiration. How many lateral striped shirts does one man need? We see an opportunity to engage with, and serve the new majority of golfers, those under 45, in a more honest way—we aren’t defined by the game we play. We are much more than golfers, we speak to that new dynamic lifestyle.”

The company previously announced that its apparel will be initially available at Urban Outfitters top retail outlets as well as on urbanoutfitters.com later this summer. This is the first time that a golf apparel brand has been offered by the unique lifestyle retailer.

“We are excited that Urban Outfitters, known for its unique and fashion forward offerings will be adding our golf apparel at retail. This is a virtual “stamp of approval” for our “disrupter” positioning in the golf industry,” commented Fields.


About Radda Golf

Radda Golf is the creation of two entrepreneurs and golf enthusiasts. Jason Fields, 38, from Southern California began playing the game at nine. He has held various positions in brand/retail development for numerous fashion/apparel brands. Ivan Dominguez, 33, was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. He has spent the last 15 years in New York City and now lives in Brooklyn. Before Radda he worked in wholesale, licensing and production for several large apparel/lifestyle brands.

Both are longtime friends having lived for several years in New York before joining forces to create Radda. Radda celebrated its wholesale launch at the PGA Merchandise Show, January 2019.

Radda’s approach to the game of golf and its apparel/lifestyle is unique to the marketplace. Radda will focus on the lifestyle of the brand’s target golfer, not just the sport. Our primary goal is to demonstrate to the Radda customer that Radda is just like them. The game does not define us, rather it is an integral component of our lives and passions and Radda aims to be an indispensable part of the total individual.

For further information please visit Radda’s new website at www.raddagolf.com.