REVIEW: The Eye Align Series Happy Putters @BrainstormGolf

The Introduction

Brainstorm Golf is developer of the revolutionary, adjustable Happy Putter line. They have added The Eye Align Series to the Happy Putter family. The Eye Align putters were inspired by feedback from customers and tour players the Original Happy Putter and Tour Series putter. The Eye Align Series putter lets golfers to control their alignment and distance control centered on their own tendencies. The Brainstorm alignment system directly addresses the most common weakness golfers have on the greens, alignment with golfers’ natural visual tendencies to find the best alignment guide to fit their eye. With the weighting system in Eye Align putters golfers can easily adjust the heel/toe weights to find the best head-weight to match his/her natural swing tempo. Brainstorm Golf even has free smart phone app to help you get the most out of this unique alignment system. Available in both mallet style and a blade the Eye Aline has an option for most golfers.


“The Happy Putter was created by people who are never happier than when they’re creating golf clubs.”

-Brainstorm Golf


At Address

The Eye Align putter has an adjustable alignment system that is easily changed to customize the putter to the golfer, not the golf to the putter.  The smartphone app makes it even easier to find the right setup for your putting stroke.

The oversize round matching grip helps keep the hands from getting to much moment during the stroke.

The Flexibility

The Eye Align putter’s two weight inserts at the heel and toe help keep the putter straight throughout the stroke.

  • Standard Club Lengths: 34″ & 35″
  • Three Alignment Guides
  • Two Sets of Sole Weights
  • Mallet or Blade Style

At Impact

The Happy Putter proved to stable and forgiving putt after putt. The milled “Happy” face gets the ball rolling forward quickly.

 The Price

The price is a refreshing $129.99 that includes 3 alignment guides, 2 sets of sole weights and a fitted headcover.

The Bottom Line

The Eye Aline Series Happy Putter from Brainstorm Golf can indeed help lower you score at a great price. With The Happy Putter Guarantee*, you have 30 days to find out if it is the putter for your game.  

Visit Brainstorm Golf for more information on The Eye Align Series Happy Putters.


*The Happy Putter Guarantee

“We believe so strongly that you will improve your accuracy and putting that if not completely satisfied after 30 days you can return your putter for a full refund minus shipping and handling fees. “